Major Crimes

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Community for the hit TNT series MAJOR CRIMES starring Mary McDonnell
Welcome to the community for Major Crimes!

We invite you to come in and make yourselves comfortable. We just have a few rules and guidelines here:
• When the show is currently airing, spoilers and spoiler discussion are okay, but please put everything behind a cut and make sure to put appropriate warnings on your posts. Please try not to put spoilers in the comments of a non-spoiler post. Some people really don’t want to know what will happen!
• Feel free to post fics, vids, icons, wallpapers, and any other fanart that pertains to Major Crimes and its characters. Of course, use cuts where appropriate so as to not clutter other members’ F Lists. We are open to all ships and pairings and encourage fans of every part of Major Crimes to post and participate.
• We will have a discussion post up on the day of each new episode.
• Posts are moderated to keep out spam.
• Please note that we are not currently accept pimping of other comms or websites. Thank you.
• We welcome your ideas and feedback! This comm is for all of you. Tell us what you’d like to see here, and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
• And lastly, we are a friendly community. No bashing of actors, crew, or other members will be tolerated.

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